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  • What is Tailor Village?
    Tailor Village is a platform where you meet tailors and fashion designers that are into the bespoke clothing business. But it is more than just a marketplace app. Tailor Village is created specifically to enhance the tailor's productivity and provide a seamless interface with their customers.
  • Is Tailor Village only for tailors or fashion designers?
    No. Anyone can use Tailor Village. For example, a simple use case is saving your personal clothing measurements on the app, which you can easily share with any tailor (whether they use the app or not). You can also browse the latest bespoke designs from creators around the globe. Moreover, a wide range of interesting fashion and business topics are periodically discussed on the Tailor Village blog and social media handles.
  • Can I download my data?
    Absolutely! You can download your profiles, measurements, products, and orders data anytime. See the documentation for details.
  • Can I use Tailor Village on multiple devices?
    Yes, as long as you’re using the same account. Your data and transactions are synced across devices.
  • Do I lose my data if I lose or change my device?
    Just install Tailor Village on your new device. Your data will not be lost because it is safely stored on the cloud. You only lose your data when you delete it or when you delete your account.
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