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You can use your Facebook account, Gmail account, or any email address to login to the Tailor village app. Note that by signing in, you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Your account is automatically created upon signing into the Tailor village app. To update or edit your details, click the Menu icon at the top left corner of the screen and tap on the Edit button next to your profile picture.  

If you are a tailor or fashion designer, please fill in all details including your business name, business description, address, expertise etc. so you are easily found by your customers.

Edit account details

Tap on the menu icon at the top left corner of the screen, go to Settings and select preferred Tape units. The selected units will be set as your default measurement unit.  Not, however, that measurements received from others may retain their original units. These will be displayed next to the measurements.

Set preferred unit of measurement

The Profiles screen is where you create and manage your customers’, family’s, or personal measurement profiles. While on the Profiles screen, tap the Add Profile button at the bottom right to create a new profile. Be sure to add your customer’s phone number or email address if you wish to chat with them on Tailor Village. 

To edit a profile’s info, select the profile name from the profile list and tap on the Edit Profile button. Use the Delete button at the bottom of the Edit Profile screen to delete a profile and all their measurements.

Create and manage profiles

A profile can have multiple sets of measurements for any category of clothing. And the share feature allows you to send measurements to your tailors and customers as links. The recipient of your measurement link can view your measurements even if they do not have Tailor Village installed.


  1. To add a new set of measurements for a profile, select the profile from the profile list, tap +, give the set of measurements a name and select its clothing category. Tailor Village gives suggestions of clothing categories as you type but you can just type in any custom category.

  2. Tap Continue. If you are yet to customize the set of measurements for the clothing category, you will be taken to the clothing categories settings screen to do so (see Customise measurements for clothing categories below). 

  3. Now you can record your measurements by either sliding the tape at the bottom or directly typing the number using your keypad. If you are adding extra allowance to the measurements, toggle the Ease switch on.

  4. Save the measurements by tapping the tick icon at the top right of the screen.

  5. To edit a profile’s measurement, go to the profile, select the measurement  from the drop-down list, and tap edit icon to update. Use the bin icon to permanently delete the selected set of measurements.

  6. To share a measurement, select it from the drop-down list and tap the share icon. You can copy the link or share it via any of your installed apps.

Add, update, and share profile measurements

While Tailor Village has a list of many body measurements, you may not need all of them for a particular clothing category. For example, you will most likely not need thigh measurements for shirts. You can customize, one-off, the set of measurements required for a clothing category.

  1. Tap the menu icon to open the navigation pane, go to Settings, and tap the clothing categoriesicon. 

  2. Use the + button at the top right and type in the clothing category you want to customize. Don’t worry if your clothing category is not among the suggestions given. Tap Continue.

  3. Tap Measurements to expand the complete list and select those required for the clothing category. 

  4. Click  the tick icon on the top right corner to save. Now these set of measurements will be selected when you create a new profile measurements of this clothing category.

Please contact us if we are missing a measurement you need.

Customize measurements for clothing categories 

Fashion designers and tailors can create a catalog of their designs or products from the Products screen. Each product or design is beautifully rendered with photos, price, description etc. You can share your product on social media, or via email, text etc. Your product can be viewed by anyone with the shared link even if they don’t have Tailor Village installed. And potential customers can chat with you directly using Tailor Village. Note that if you want the product to show your business name, you must enter it in your account details by tapping the menu icon and then the edit (pencil) icon on your account image. 


  1. Create a new product from the Products screen by tapping add product button (+)

  2. Upload pictures of the product by tapping the camera icon. Tailor Village allows up to four images per product.

  3. Add product details such as name, clothing category, tags, price, and description. Other details  can be added to Notes, which will not be visible to others.

  4. Save the product by clicking on the tick icon on the top right corner. 

  5. To share a product with a friend or on social media, tap on the product and click the share icon.

Create, edit, and share products and designs

With Tailor Village, you can create, manage, and share an order from the  screen. The recipient of the order can see the progress of the order as you complete each milestone until the order is completed.


  1. To create a new order, tap the Add Order (+) button at the bottom right corner of the Orders screen. The start date is automatically set to the current date and the due date to 7 days after that. You can edit these dates as necessary. 

  2. Select the appropriate delivery option. If the order will be delivered by courier, add a delivery address. 

  3. The status of the order is first set to INITIATED. You can update the status upon the completion of subsequent milestones.

  4. Choose a profile from your Profiles list using the Choose Existing button. If you are creating an order for a new profile, use the Add New option to create a new profile.  The new profile will be added to your Profiles list.

  5. Similarly, you can choose a product or design from your Products catalog using the Choose Existing button or create a new product using the Add New button. 

  6. Next, you need to load a set of measurements for your profile. Note that this set of measurements must be of the same clothing category as the selected product. You can choose an already saved set of measurements for the profile using the Choose Existing button or use the Add New button to add a new measurement.

  7. Add other specific details on the order to Notes. These will be visible only to the creator of the order.

  8. Save the order by tapping the tick icon.

Once saved, select the order from the Orders list to share with your customer. 

To edit or update an order, tap the Edit (pencil) icon to show the Edit Order screen. You can also delete an order from the Edit Order screen—just not that an order can only be deleted when its status is INITIATED or COMPLETED.

Create, manage, and share orders

Tailor Village users can communicate with one another and share images, products, measurements, and orders on the app. The Chats feature is available when Tailor Village is installed. Use the following steps to initiate a conversation:

  1. Tap + icon from the Chats screen. 

  2. If you want to chat with a profile from your Profiles list, use the Choose from Profiles option. Just ensure that the profile’s email address or phone number is linked to their Tailor Village account.

  3. Alternatively, you can directly reach out to another by searching Tailor Village using the email address or phone number linked to their account. 

  4. Use the Invite option to send customized invitations to others.

The Chats feature

Tailor Village allows you to download your profiles, measurements, products, and orders data in Excel format. Tap the menu icon at the top left of your screen, tap the Download data menu and select the data you want to download. Next, decide the name of the output file and choose its destination.

Download profiles, measurements, products, and orders

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us at

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